In the way you function, you will find that inside your head there is a whole system, a set of demands about how the world should be, how you should be or what you should want. When the world or other people don’t live up to that expectation, it can make you feel defeated, sad or angry. So really it is in the attachment of your whole system that threatens to shake your peace. Most of the time, the reaction I get is, “Let’s change the system!” That is definitely part of it, but I would challenge you to think about in a different way. What is the payoff of your old system? What are you getting from the attachment of thinking that way? How is your system working for you? How is your system protecting you? What would you lose if you thought about it in a different way? For example, when there was a time in my life where I would do my work and also take on other people’s work. Which resulted in me starting to become incredibly burnout. Sounds easy enough, solution…stop doing other people’s work. However, when the payoff was to make me feel good about myself, it’s easier said than done. It was in exploring the payoff of the old system that change actually happened!