Coacherapy Packages

The mind is the source of real change. Together, we will work on understanding your thinking, unlearning what gets in your way, and creating a new mindset.


“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

Albert Einstein

Mind Shifter

Our first meeting begins with an individual assessment of your current mindset and goals. We learn about your strengths, experiences, attributes and character qualities. This 60 minute exercise will identify perpetual thought patterns that disrupt mind clarity.

Mind Grower

This is the Mind Shifter plus an additional 60 minute session. We focus this session on a plan for aligning your goals and values with your mindset growth and optimal mental wellbeing.

Mind Changer

This includes both the Mind Shifter and Grower plus an additional two 15 minute content training sessions that help support your change in mindset and optimal mental wellbeing.

Mind Renewer Group

Gather your friends or colleagues and do the work together. The Mind Renewer is six 60 minute sessions that include all the Mind Packages (Shifter,Grower, Changer) plus six 20 minute training sessions to help renew the way you think.