Mental Wellbeing Organization Services

Our work is rooted in creating healthy mental wellbeing practices for organizations, teams, and individuals. MN8 is an organization that believes when people learn to ‘think about their thinking’ their true self emerges and contributes to their optimal mental wellbeing. The mind is the source of real change.


“The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size.”

Abraham Lincoln

How it works:


Mental Wellbeing Inventory

We gather information about your organization and teams in regards to mental wellbeing. We assess what is working and what is not.


Content and Goal Development

Once we have gathered the important information about your organization, we create content that supports the specific goals to help support optimal mental well being.


Think About Your Thinking Teams

We meet with each team and implement the custom made content to foster conditions for your teams to think about their thinking, and talk about their thinking. It is an ongoing, engaging learning experience for your teams.


Evaluate Content and Goals

Part of working towards optimal mental well-being means paying attention to what is working and addressing what needs to be tweaked. We do this by evaluating and assessing the content and goals.


I think Zuica reenergizes you and helps you think about your life or your calling in a different way. She just has this gift of understanding and empathizing and guiding you to whatever you want in your life.

Tracy H