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Optimal mental wellbeing does not mean that you are always happy and relaxed. It does not mean that you go through life avoiding stress and undesirable experiences. Our mental wellbeing is something we all must continuously cultivate. We must do the work.

That’s where we come in.

At MN8, we partner with organizations to train leaders and their teams to think about their own thinking for optimal mental wellbeing in the workplace.

Organizations will experience the wealth of wellbeing.

Experiences where you think about your thinking

We design learning for inner development that allows you to connect with your needs and interact with your mind and knowledge. It’s here, you begin to emanate your truest version of yourself.


Mental Wellbeing Organization Services

Customized Webinars and Trainings

Mental Wellbeing System Audit and Consultation


We are driven by meaningful connections. We provide a variety of services to support your organization in optimal mental wellbeing.

Inside Job

Have you ever struggled with challenging behavior? Does it often persist no matter what you try to make changes? Your childhood still exists within you regardless of how old you are. It influences every decision you make and every emotion you feel. The past manifests itself through our behaviors, the lens of symptoms: being late, procrastination, insomnia, excessive addictions, or anger. We know we are experiencing all of these side effects but typically don’t dig down to the source.

We are wired with five core biological needs: Connection, Autonomy, Attunement, Love and Trust. If our core needs were not met at any point, we develop basic challenges in self-regulation, interpersonal skills, and self-perception. These compromised needs bring forth challenges of varying degrees in daily life. This book delivers a new approach of how to support and focus our work on the source to accomplish internal change and extinguish unwanted behaviors for good.


Zuica Donev did a presentation for our organization in October. She was engaging, enthusiastic, and professional. Even though I was blown away with how wonderful the presentation was, I have grown to expect this kind of excellence from her. I think it’s wonderful that the masses will get to learn from the example she has set every day during her career. I highly recommend hiring Zuica as a motivational speaker.

Nick Tabic

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